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Danbury Prenuptial Agreement Attorney

Seeking a prenuptial agreement?

How do you know if making a prenuptial agreement, commonly called a "prenup," is the right thing to do? The main reason there is a prenup is to determine how money and assets will be distributed should the marriage come to an end. Having a prenuptial agreement can be thought of as "marital insurance," as you and your spouse will be deciding the financial consequences of your union, rather than leaving it to divorce attorneys.

The obvious reason for a prenup is that one spouse is a lot wealthier than the other coming into the marriage, or earns substantially more income that the other. If this is a remarriage situation, your financial condition is often very different from what it was the first time you married. You many have children, own real estate or other assets and want to make sure it is disposed of according to your wishes after you are divorced or die. If one partner has a lot more debt than the other, you don't want to be saddled with those debts in the event of a divorce. Sound legal advice from a Danbury family law attorney who is knowledgeable about Connecticut matrimonial law will help to make your prenuptial agreement one that will be fair and just and not a bone of contention if the marriage ends.

Choosing an Experienced Danbury Prenuptial Lawyer

The first thing to do before choosing attorneys is to collaborate with your spouse and decide exactly what you want it to include in the prenup. Discussing financial matters is often fraught with emotion. Disclosing all of your assets may be difficult, but it is necessary if the agreement is to be an equitable one.

It is vital that each spouse has his or her own independent counsel. This will insure the document will be in the best interest of each person, as well as being legally enforceable in a court of law.  Both lawyers will then write the agreement together. An experienced attorney from the Law Office of Jowdy & Jowdy has the experience to craft a prenuptial agreement that will provide the "financial equilibrium" that is so important to both you and your spouse.

If you are contemplating draftign a prenuptial agreement, contact a Danbury family law attorney to assist you.

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